Packaging steel strips

Packaging steel strips

We supply the packaging steel strip for hand tools and also for automatic packaging equipment in the following parameters:

Width: 12-32 mm, tolerance: +0,2 mm, -0,00 mm
Thickness: 0,4-1,0 mm, tolerance: +-0,02 mm
Edge finish: Cut with max. 0,04 mm of the fray
Tensile strenght: 590 - 785 Mpa

Surface finish:

non-coated, zinc-coated, nickel-coated, copper-coated

Material steel acc. to, EN DC01 C590
Bundle weights: 80-100 kg
Coil weights: 1,2-2,9 kg/mm of the strip width

Packaging steel strip can be supplied in pancakes also in cyclically wound coils. Pancakes bundles are usually with the weights between 80 and 100 kgs.